Cloudland Collective Public Meeting: How do we generate a future without coal?

Our climate is already changing as the result of global warming. Without action right now, our future will be one of extreme weather events and rising sea levels at an unimaginable cost to humanity. Yet our governments remain wedded to the economic voodoo of coal. Why? What is the truth about coal, the economy and jobs? What is a just alternative that acknowledges the needs of workers and communities and how can we get there? How can we break out of an economic paradigm which puts the interests of a rapacious mining company such as Adani ahead of economic and environmental sustainability, people and planet? Join The Cloudland Collective for an essential discussion about the way forward to a future without coal. 3pm Saturday 20 May, Boundary Street Hotel, West End.

Speakers include Dr Howard Guille, Jim Casey, Dr Kristen Lyons, Murrawah Johnson and Adrian Skerritt. See Storms of our Grandchildren for full details.